Creating a gin for retail can be as basic as adding botanicals and neutral grain spirit to a still; bottling what comes out the other end and slapping on a label. A bit of clever marketing and your gin may – or may not – succeed.
There is another way.

Part of the joy of creating a small batch craft gin to delight your customers is in the preparation. In the thinking, the testing, the tweaking. In giving a part of yourself, of your business to the gin – of committing to it wholeheartedly. To start with a concept and to move through development to distillation and beyond in a thoughtful way. Yes, of course with profit in mind, but with integrity and with customer experience to the fore. Focus on the detail and the rewards will be yours.

IWBC Award winning gin

Find space to give your ideas legs. To play with the level of juniper and the combination of botanicals that will work for your custom branded spirits. A pinch more of this, a little less of that. Distil, taste, refine, repeat to find the perfect formula for your gin. Work with a distiller who takes the time to understand you, your business, your customer, your dreams; a gin distiller who ignites the creative spark and delivers the enthusiasm, and the technical know how, to bring your gin to life.

This is the ‘In the Welsh Wind’ way, our maverick approach to gin. Working together with you to create a bespoke craft spirit designed to capture a place, a time, a moment, to delight your customers. We’ve been pioneers of our approach since Spring 2018 and have never ever looked back. It’s a journey that continually inspires and excites us – not least when we receive affirmation of the highest kind when we are least expecting it.

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Custom Gin developmentWe worked with the Pembrokeshire Gin Co offering a turnkey gin development and branding service to capture Tenby – and Wales, in a gin. Charlotte and John have taken Tenby dry gin and run with it – achieving the real heights of gin: the International Wine and Spirit Competition. The rigorous, 2 stage double blind tasting means judges never lay eyes on any of the bottles they are tasting; maximum tastings to avoid ‘palate fatigue’ and energetic group discussions make this something of a holy grail of gin – and Tenby’s Romarinus citrus and rosemary dry gin, redolent with Welsh rosemary – has made the grade, bagging a bronze award with an impressive 87 points out of a possible 100. It’s an accolade many distillers crave over a lifetime of distilling without success – and yet here we are in our second year, able to put our name to such an achievement, able to proudly say that we were there at the start. It’s humbling and amazing at the same time.

How we make Custom Branded Spirits

Discover Bespoke Spirits


Visit us at the distillery, meet Meredith – our copper pot still – and find out how we approach creating bespoke spirits.

Discover Bespoke Spirits


Work with us to identify, blend, taste and develop a test product. Once you have discovered your gin, we move on to production distillation.

Discover Bespoke Spirits


We craft distill your bespoke drink in small batches in our copper pot still, Meredith, which ensures the highest quality finish.

Custom Branded Spirits Research


We discuss your needs, establish marketplace positioning, and conduct visual discovery to begin developing your brand.

Custom Branded Spirits Design


Our professional designer creates visuals and branding concepts. After receiving your approval, we organise commercial label printing.

Custom Branded Spirits Deliver


We supply your new, custom branded product to your bar, sales outlet or wholesaler.

Find out more about our approach to creating custom branded spirits for your business – and get in
touch to start your journey In the Welsh Wind way.