After a whirlwind 17 months nurturing our nascent distillery business, and edging our way tentatively through parenthood, we thought it was time to take stock and look ahead, to update all of you, and to thank you for being on hand to offer us advice and support. We’re also going to outline a proposition that has been brewing in the back of our minds for some time.

Alex distilling in Meredith

Let’s cut to the chase – we need cash, and we’re asking you to invest in our business as we take it to the next level. In return, you will not only have front row seats from which to cheer us on as we grow, we’ll be working hard to ensure that you see a substantial return as a huge ‘thank you’ for being here with us now, when we need you.

We’ve included some details below to give you some information on what we’re proposing, including:

  • Our visual dream for the Gogerddan Arms;
  • Overview of our Business Plan;
  • Our loan document – this will be provided as a separate document.

Where we are now

Our first year of trading exceeded our expectations in every way. We intended to produce 1,500 litres (3,000 bottles) of gin for our own retail sales. Instead:

  • We have distilled and bottled and hand labelled over 5,000 litres of gin
  • We are continuing to develop our own iconic gin brand that is set to become the product of the West
  • We make gin for 20 companies and organisations across the UK and Europe, producing 27 different gins;
  • We are now award-winning thanks to an International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC)
  • We have worked with many of these companies to produce individual identity and branding for the gins we have been commissioned to create on their behalf
  • We have been exporting branded gin, distilled with Maltese botanicals, to Malta since our 8th month of trading, and are currently working with other companies to produce branded gin for export
  • We have been commissioned to produce the first ever gin to raise money for the National Eisteddfod 2020 – a huge Welsh endorsement
  • We work with a company in Marrakech to produce a bespoke saffron bitters product that has now been launched to market
  • We have created a bespoke gin for The Big Retreat Wales
  • One of our most recent gin brands was launched at Glastonbury 2019
  • We are working with ex-England cricket captain, Michael Vaughan, to produce his first declaration gin
  • We have developed our gin experience and gin tasting packages, welcoming over 300 people at our unique Discover Your Gin gin making experiences and gin tastings
  • Our gin making experience is the first and only such experience in Wales In terms of our business growth and is anticipated to be the best in a global marketplace

On The Consumer Side

  • We have employed 3 additional members of staff to keep up with demand for our brands and grown a network of talented professionals who are working with us to move the business forward.
  • We call ourselves ‘maverick’ distillers. In daring to be bold, we have established our business, and ourselves not only as disruptors but as experts in our own right.
Spirit Of Coaltown Gin

Where we are Going

Our vision is to bring more bespoke gin and premium spirits to more people; to develop a social hub –
a provider of cheer to the community where we live and work; to create employment and growth; to offer support to other mavericks. Alongside creating gin brands for other companies, we’re committed to developing our own ‘In the Welsh Wind’ gin, drawing on the influences of the Ceredigion coastline we love. We have achieved ‘bonded’ status, allowing us to store neutral grain spirit without paying duty. There’s whisky in our future too – we have our eye on Ceredigion barley.

How will we get there – and how you can be involved!

Our future depends on many things – but critical to our success is the purchase of the Gogerddan Arms, Tanygroes. This iconic building will be the new In the Welsh Wind HQ, a hive of distilling activity, the location for our gin lab, all-round ‘place to be’ and destination of choice in West Wales. Having managed to get an audience with Development Bank of Wales we are finalising discussions that will allow us to make full purchase for the distillery premises. So we are (as ever) aiming high!

Our investment proposition

In The Welsh Wind New Sign

We aren’t offering equity in the business, rather a straightforward opportunity for you to lend us money on the basis that we will repay you not only the money you loan us, but an additional sum equivalent to the original loan. Effectively, it’s an opportunity to double your money.

For every £5,000 you lend us, we will repay you 1% of our profit in that financial year. You’ll see in our Summary Business Overview that we’re estimating pre-tax profits of just over £106,000 projected for this coming year, so for a £5,000 investment, you’d receive £1,060. Based on our current projections, we’d be able to repay you a total of £10,000 – doubling your money – in 3 years.

We recognise that in asking for a loan, security is preferred, and we have guaranteed as directors your original investment – so you will not lose.

The legal T’s and C’s are included in the attached loan agreement – please do have a read of it and, if necessary, talk to your own legal adviser about it.

Other things you probably want to know

  • We intend to release up to 40% of our profit under this scheme
  • We have no intention of releasing profit in any other form – no shares or equity.
  • We will be raising capital through the launch of consumer offerings in the form of our own private ‘crowd funding’ offers in the form of our Zephyr Edits, increased product sales and experience-led activities – and continuing to provide our consultancy services to other businesses – building on what we know works.
Ellen Signing Gift Cards

Our Vision For The Gogeddern

Summary business Overview

In the Welsh Wind are a unique and maverick gin and bespoke spirit producer based in Ceredigion, Wales. The company was first set up in September 2017, taking their beautiful copper still, Meredith, and crafting premium spirits for collaborations and businesses throughout the world.

Alex and Ellen in ConversationAlex and Ellen, the business directors, turned their back on convention in 2013, embarking on a journey to complete the Wales coast path, and further. It is on this journey the business idea developed. With initial scope to develop and sell 3000 litres of Gin, In The Welsh Wind has gone from strength to strength, turning over in excess of £100,000 in 2018 (year 1).

The business currently supplies bespoke spirits to several high profile local customers, as well as a growing portfolio of regional and global companies. The couple also offer gin tasting sessions and a gin experience where they work with groups to create their own custom gin recipe and product.

In late 2018 the opportunity arose to migrate from their boutique distillery on the family property in Plas-Y-Wern, Tresaith, to a high profile current pub and restaurant in a fantastic location. The Gogerddan Arms, Tan Y Groes is located on an important crossroads on the main road running down the coast, through Ceredigion and into Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire. Here, the road also runs east to west from Aberporth through to Newcastle Emlyn and on to Carmarthen. The original Gogerddan Arms was a coaching inn, a staging post on the journey from Aberystwyth to Whitland. The building historically, and remains, a well visited destination, with the name translating to ‘important meeting house’. It is Alex and Ellen’s aim to continue this history, taking the building to its next phase of life.

To date, In The Welsh Wind has developed its core transferable revenue generating activities at its previous location Plas Y Wern to a very high standard. These include:

  • Distillation of bespoke spirits
  • Gin Experience Days
  • Gin Tasting Events
  • Consultation

During its infancy, the company has already secured some very fruitful contracts to distil bespoke products for a number of local and regional companies. Alex and Ellen discuss in detail the proposition from these customers, and work with them to develop a spirit product they wish to sell. Once a unique recipe has been developed, a branding project is undertaken in order to ready the product for sale through the customer’s chosen means.

In The Welsh Wind then, on a contract basis, produces bottle numbers required by each business when ordered.

Steel Cut Signage for a table
Gin Lab Table Top Still

Additional revenue generating activities to be developed within the new premises are to include:

  • Gin Bar – The Gogerddan has operated as a bar and food establishment since 2014. As such the infrastructure within the building is perfectly suited for the development of a gin bar open to the public. The main requirement, as with most activities within the new premises, is just an extensive refurbishment to get the area fit for purpose. It is proposed that the bar will be open mainly at the weekends, but will also facilitate private hire and events that are to be held within the building.
  • Coffee Shop – As it is anticipated that the building will be occupied most of the day with trading activities, a coffee shop facility will occupy the same space as the gin bar. Serving high quality local coffee throughout the day, this facility is directed to bring in passing trade throughout the day, introducing possible new custom to the Welsh Wind suite of products. The business will collaborate with a successful local coffee company, to bring high quality Welsh products to its customers. The premises will offer WiFi connectivity which will be accessible to all coffee shop customers.
  • Gin Lab – The hosting of gin making and tasting experiences is set to become a major part of In the Welsh Wind distillery’s identity. With custom stills that closely replicate a true distillery experience, unlike any other in the current market, is set to put In the Welsh Wind on the map.
  • Gin Shop Sales – The bar within the Gogerddan will be transformed into the Welsh Wind style. This boutique gin shop will not only display all products created by In The Welsh Wind, but also other craft distillery products.
  • Private event space – The new distillery’s ample bar and lounge space is the perfect setting for private hire events. This will be available through certain Zephyr Edit packages, and available to all who have interest
  • Live Events – Alex and Ellen will host music and event nights on a ticketed basis. These events aim to raise the profile of all that we do here at In the Welsh Wind. Events will be hosted within the bar and lounge space of the distillery. Priority tickets will be made available at reduced rates to Zephyr members within their ‘sponsorship’ packages.
  • Distillation Consultancy – Alex and Ellen, through their developed knowledge within the industry, offer consultancy support to organisations looking to develop their own gin brand. This consultancy can be delivered as part of the package for supplying the company with their bespoke gin, or it can be accessed as an independent service on an hourly or retainer basis.
  • Off Site Events – Part of the In The Welsh Wind offering includes taking their mini stills to independent events to distil bespoke spirits on site. These may be festivals, weddings or charity fundraisers where In The Welsh Wind will be booked for a fixed fee.
    Online Tailored Gin Sales – Development of the In The Welsh Wind Website ( will come to offer a ‘create your own’ gin section. This will offer a range of botanicals that can be added to create your own gin recipe.
  • Whisky Legacy Project – Future ambitions are to diversify from gin into a whisky project. Projected activity at this stage offers a customer distilled spirit, crafted with the customers date and names for the product. The whisky will then be aged in a cask of choice for a minimum of 3 years in a bonded store to be built within the boundaries of the Gogerddan. Products can be re-casked, taste-tested and accessed by customer. Upon the 3 year anniversary of its distillation, products will be available to be received by the customer. These products will be high quality and prestige, demanding a high market value.

The performance of the business over a five year period is detailed below, based on the assumptions made within this document:

Projected Turnover
Profit (Before Tax)
Total Loan Repayments
EBITDA to loan
Year 1
£ 625,685 £ 154,505 £ 176,600 £ 73,053 2.42
Year 2
£ 859,558 £ 284,639 £ 340,385 £ 193,238 1.76
Year 3
£ 1,049,258 £ 338,240 £ 468,052 £ 221,218 2.12
Year 4
£ 1,227,151 £ 513,839 £ 597,565 £ 114,501 5.22
Year 5
£ 1,422,289 £ 709,612 £ 732,707 £ 53,869 13.60

The following table details the sensitivity of the figures, detailing a breakeven figure on an annual basis:

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
£ 625,685 £ 859,558 £ 1,049,258 £ 1,227,151 £ 1,422,289
Variable costs
£ 182,951 £ 240,718 £ 301,889 £ 349,446 £ 408,655
Gross Profit
£ 442,734 £ 618,840 £ 747,368 £ 877,705 £ 1,013,634
Fixed Costs
£ 288,229 £ 334,201 £ 409,128 £ 363,867 £ 304,022
Net Profit
£ 154,505 £ 284,639 £ 338,240 £ 513,839 £ 709,612
Breakeven income
£ 407,334 £ 464,200 £ 574,390 £ 508,735 £ 426,591

The business currently holds assets to the value of £65,000, with the main items being the main 50l distillation still, Meredith, Afanc 200L Still for an individual client, Ceridwen 30l still, mini stills for external events, some internal fixtures and fittings and marketing literature. Ongoing, significant asset growth is anticipated, including the purchase of the property itself. Projected values are as follows:

  • Building Purchase Value – £400,000
  • Building development costs – £70,000
  • Plant and Equipment – £30,000
  • Furniture & Equipment – £30,000
  • Total Asset Value owned/to be purchase = £530,000

The fun stuff

Cash is important. Knowing that you will see a significant return on your investment will, we hope, be a reassurance to you, but not the only reason why you’ll want to take the plunge. As we move into the Gogerddan, our events programme can kick off. We’ll keep you up to date in our newsletter, and we’d like you to feel able to join us whenever you like, to relax at the bar and feel at home with us. As one of our Founder Investors, there will always be a warm welcome for you In the Welsh Wind.

Trust us because…

We know we’re asking you to trust us with your money. We want to reassure and encourage you that you’re making a good investment.

  • We have been selected for the Welsh Government Accelerated Growth Programme. This is aimed at “…high growth businesses who want to enter their next growth phase and have the determination and potential to get there.” To be eligible, we have had to demonstrate our potential to achieve a minimum growth of £2 million turnover in 3 years.
  • An outline proposal for our planning application has already received approval from Ceredigion County Council. This paves the way for a full application to carry out the substantial work upgrading the premises so that it echoes the In the Welsh Wind ethos and brand.
  • We have taken delivery of a new 200 litre still, co-purchased with one of our customers to satisfy their increased demand for product

The future is approaching – we’re working hard to make it happen and we’re really excited that you could help us realise our vision for In the Welsh Wind.

We are contactable at the distillery to talk through anything that you may
need to know.

Alex & Ellen