In The Welsh Wind are maverick distillers, crafting bespoke spirits for you and your business in our copper pot still Meredith. With your influence, we establish the botanical profile and discover your gin.

We tread our own path in distilling. We are respectful of but not constrained by tradition and are able to politely close the rule book in order to wade into all that is new and undiscovered in the craft distilling world.

Everything that we do at the In The Welsh Wind Distillery is bespoke and honest in every way. Our unique, truly small batch approach allows you to offer your customers something that others cannot:

Your very own, branded product.

How we make Bespoke Spirits

Discover Bespoke Spirits


Visit us at the distillery, meet Meredith – our copper pot still – and find out how we approach creating bespoke spirits.

Discover Bespoke Spirits


Work with us to identify, blend, taste and develop a test product to your satisfaction before scaling up to a production distillation.

Discover Bespoke Spirits


We distill your bespoke drink in small batches in our copper pot still, Meredith, to ensure the highest quality finish.

We are experienced in, and handle all aspects of the legal and duty system. As providers of bespoke products to the premium drinks industry, we also offer consultancy on labelling and merchandising your product in order for you to successfully take it to market as a behind-the-bar or take-home product.

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