Maverick Distillers & Spirit Makers

Welcome to the In The Welsh Wind Distillery

We are maverick distillers, crafting bespoke spirits.

We are respectful of tradition but not constrained by it. We tread our own path in distilling and are proud innovators and providers of bespoke premium spirits to the drinks industry.

We craft every batch in our copper pot still, Meredith, in order to control and supply drinks of exclusive quality.

Join us at a gin making experience or get in touch to discover your gin and create your very own bespoke product.

Bespoke Premium Drinks

In The Welsh Wind are maverick distillers, crafting bespoke spirits for you…

Gin Making Experience

Join us for a gin making experience at the Welsh Wind Distillery…

Gin Tasting Experience

Immerse yourself in a gin tasting experience at the Welsh Wind Distillery…

Mobile Gin Making

Our mobile gin making services allow you to host an exclusive event…

Custom Branded Spirits

Successfully bring your own premium drinks to life as custom branded spirits…

Distillery Gift Voucher

Our distillery gift voucher is the promise of an authentic gin experience.…

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