Successfully bring your own premium drinks to life as custom branded spirits behind-the-bar or as a take-home product.

In The Welsh Wind offer branding and labelling consultancy to help you define your new drink product in the marketplace, and merchandise your product for success.

Working with a diverse range of clients has given us the opportunity to research and understand the broad spectrum of products available in the craft distilling marketplace.

Above all, we know your product inside out due to our small batch approach to distilling. And that gives us the ultimate insight to consult, design and develop a unique brand for your product.

How we make Custom Branded Spirits

Discover Bespoke Spirits


Visit us at the distillery, meet Meredith – our copper pot still – and find out how we approach creating bespoke spirits.

Discover Bespoke Spirits


Work with us to identify, blend, taste and develop a test product. Once you have discovered your gin, we move on to production distillation.

Discover Bespoke Spirits


We craft distill your bespoke drink in small batches in our copper pot still, Meredith, which ensures the highest quality finish.

Custom Branded Spirits Research


We discuss your needs, establish marketplace positioning, and conduct visual discovery to begin developing your brand.

Custom Branded Spirits Design


Our professional designer creates visuals and branding concepts. After receiving your approval, we organise commercial label printing.

Custom Branded Spirits Deliver


We supply your new, custom branded product to your bar, sales outlet or wholesaler.

We are experienced in all aspects of the legal and duty system and will provide labels that comply with current regulations.

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Custom Solva Gin

Our Current Branding Options

Bespoke Custom Spirits Your Logo On A Bottle

Option 1:
Bringing your brand to the bottle

Using your existing logo, we sensitively apply your branding to the product label, ensuring that your new bespoke spirit looks and feels like an extension of your already established company brand.

This is managed by utilising your current logo, typeface and visual application.

Examples of what’s included:

    • Your own branded label
    • Simple application in line with your existing company branding
    • Sourcing of photographic images*
    • Fulfilment of all current legal requirements for addressing health information

*If required. Additional licensing and creative fees may apply

Custom Branded Spirits Full Branding

Option 2:
Bringing Your New Spirit To Life

Learning from your existing branding, we extend beyond your existing assets to create a product label encapsulating the personality of your new bespoke spirit.

The look and feel will sit under your existing company branding, but will have a fresh, new look and feel, perhaps its own name, logo and visual language.

We develop an identity for your product including the ways to approach marketing it at P.O.S. or packaging and branded materials for an off-site sales product, such as boxes, neck labels or stickers.

Examples of what’s included:

    • Front and rear custom branded label with graphic details, patterns and backgrounds
    • New application learning from your existing company branding
    • Sourcing of photographic images*
    • P.O.S. and packaging concepts
    • Neck hanger**
    • Neck or stopper branding
    • Fulfilment of all current legal requirements for addressing health information

*If required. Additional licensing and creative fees may apply
**From supplied text

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Custom Tenby Dry Gin