30L Welsh Origin Whisky Cask


Single malt ‘Welsh origin’ whisky. Grain nurtured by farmers who have become friends. Malted, mashed, fermented, and distilled on the west coast of Wales.

1,000 casks.

It’s the next step in the story of Welsh whisky. A story that almost died out, yet here: a contribution we’re proud to be making to the future of whisky in Wales.

Your 30 litre cask.

Treat yourself or share with friends.

Pay in one lump sum or split the cost into 15 monthly payments of £100.

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Our 30 litre single cask offering represents the perfect way to play a part in the future of Welsh whisky and the opportunity to own something truly special. A whisky produced entirely in Wales, matured in casks which are sourced for us by a partner company in Pembrokeshire. Casks that are shaved, toasted and re-coopered, we work with our partner to select staves that will complement our fully Welsh whisky and add depth and flavour before they are recoopered into our 30 litre casks.

How does it work?

Purchasing a cask of Welsh Origin Whisky is an exercise in patience – but the rewards are great.

Decide whether you prefer to make a one-off payment or to pay a deposit and then spread your payment over 15 months. At this point, your 30 litre share of the distillation, and a space in our distillery cask store, is secured. Your only additional costs will be VAT and duty, payable when your whisky comes out of the barrel and into bottles, and the costs of bottling your whisky.

We are planning distillation for this inaugural offering of 1,000 30 litre casks of Welsh origin whisky to take place Christmas 2020. Subsequent distillation dates may be released in the future.

Once you have made your payment, you can sit back while we fire up our still and introduce a mash of Welsh malted barley and soft Welsh water to create the magic.

After distillation, your whisky sleeps in its cask for the next 3 years, racked up in our distillery cask store where it takes on flavour, mellowing and maturing. You are welcome to visit at any time, or you may choose to leave your cask resting, maybe even forgotten, quietly doing its thing in the Welsh wind until it is ready to bottle. We will have kept in touch with you throughout the maturation period and will let you know the options for bottling, and associated costs, as well as VAT and duty, as the 3 year point approaches.

Want to know more? Read our terms and conditions & FAQs here or call us on 01239 872300.

We have only 1,000 casks available from our first distillation of Welsh Origin Whisky.

Secure yours now.

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