Distinctive Gin from
the west coast of Wales

We develop and distil distinctive gins using botanicals native to, or synonymous with Wales. Fascinated with the idea of telling stories of people, places, times and events, and with the role the land has to play in the spirits developed within it, we are driven every day to consider how we can innovate to achieve truly outstanding Welsh gin.

Our Welsh Gin

We founded the distillery intending to distil and bottle our own gin. After 2.5 years when we were diverted, through happy accident, into crafting custom branded spirits for the drinks industry, we put our inaugural botanical profile into Afanc our 200l still and distilled the first 1,000 bottles of In the Welsh Wind Signature Style.

Welsh Dry Gin – Jin Sych Cymreig
Our gin is ‘dry’ gin. We add botanicals to our still, we distil, we bottle. Nothing is added after distillation – no flavours, no syrups, sugars or colourings; only water, to balance the ABV.

In the Welsh Wind Signature Style
Inspired by the 19th century landing tariff boards still affixed to the harbour wall at New Quay a few miles north of the distillery, our oil-rich signature style dry gin offers the warm sweet familiar aromas well known to the Welsh vernacular – cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and sweet orange. Imported from warmer, drier climes, ingredients adopted by housewives across Wales create the botanical profile for this premium gin.

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Tailor Your Gin

We’ve perfected a number of award-winning gins over the years. With that experience behind us, we’ve taken all we’ve learned to create an online tailored gin experience which allows you to become the distiller and discover your gin from the comfort of your own home. Tailored gin is also available as a voucher to gift to the gin lovers in your life.

A balance of botanicals
Gin is a personal thing. It all comes down to the botanicals selected, and the balance between them. Background flavour and ‘hero’ top notes.

Choose your botanical profile
Our tailored gin menu allows you to choose a botanical profile and create a gin that is quite literally made for you. We’ve developed a choice of background botanical combinations, and a range of ‘hero’ botanicals for you to select. With the perfect combination in the bag, we’ll get the still on and send you your very own bottle of gin. Vouchers are available for you to gift an online tailored gin experience to someone who would love it.

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